LUNATIc - Stanley Kubrick & JIM THOMPSON  

Returning limited TV drama series 8 hours - Film Noir Drama

Soldier / Ex-carnie worker Johnnie takes his new girlfriend Joyce on a personal revenge spree across New York State whilst being chased by police and two mob hit men.

Written by Stanley Kubrick & Jim Thompson TV adaption by Stephen Clarke

GOD FEARING MAN – Stanley Kubrick   

4 hour mini-series or an 8 hour limited series - Crime Adventure

True life adventures of Canadian Herbert Wilson, a priest who in the roaring twenties turned to a life of crime and became the most successful safe cracker in US history. 

Written by Stanley Kubrick TV adaption by Stephen Clarke


Returning limited TV drama series 8 Hours - Police Crime Drama

16 Girls from an elite school are kidnapped on a school trip abroad, Police officers from various countries are scrambled under Europol to deal with the explosive situation.

Written by Gil Brailey


Long form TV drama series - Supernatural Thriller

Following a car bomb attack whilst on patrol in Afghanistan, Zack Kellerman’s conscious is opened up in ways he couldn’t imagine.

Pilot screenplay by Stephen Clarke


Long form drama TV series - Period Supernatural Horror

Early 1900’s, following the exploits of Carnacki, an Edwardian ghost hunter as he investigates the macabre and occult.

Novel by William Hope Hodgson TV Adaption by Clive Exton and Bill Kelman


Returning limited TV series 6 hours - Period Western Adventure

Bass Reeves lived during the wildest and most violent times in American pioneering history. A negro brought up by Native Americans and one of the first to be deputised as a US marshal in 1875 and retiring aged 69 in 1907 after 32 extraordinary years. 

Written by Stephen Clarke


8 hour limited drama series - 1950’s Film Noir Thriller

Gibtown, Florida where the Carnies and freaks really live and winter when not on the circuit, and someone is killing them. Rookie cop Lomax is sent to investigate and is soon out of his comfort zone.

Written by Stephen Clarke


Long form TV drama series - Contemporary America

A Wounded soldier and his hero war dog are reluctantly retired from the military and return home to start a new life which neither are ready for. 

Pilot screenplay written by Samantha Lee


8 hour limited drama series - Contemporary Psychological Horror

An Electro-Magnetic Pulse bomb turns a secure electronic games company building into a battlefield. The game “PULSE” being played out for real amongst the workers.

Written by Stephen Clarke


3 part TV mini-series - Supernatural Horror Thriller

2018, Oxford & Cambridge University, England. The Halls of learning. Steeped in tradition, history and secrets. Grooming the leaders of tomorrow and the Vampires of today.

Original screenplay by Nick Vivian


Long form drama series based on Novels - Supernatural Horror

The Demon nightmare travels across the States targeting the young and impressionable with horrific effect. Their only hope is the intervention of Native American Miguel Coyote who for the last 200 years has tried to stop the Demon curse. 

 Novels and screenplay by Samantha Lee


Long form Drama Series - Mystery Adventure

Swinging Sixties London. American granddaughter of Dr Watson connects with the English granddaughter of Sherlock Holmes to investigate past and present crimes and battle old and new enemies. 

Original screenplay by Stephen Clarke


4 hour mini-series - Biopic

Pattie Boyd biopic. Based on her best selling novel about her life and times as a muse and wife to both Beatles member George Harrison and music icon Eric Clapton.


Long form drama series - Psychological Thriller

FBI investigator Ferluci is an expert in the occult. He should be. If he hadn’t suffered from short term memory loss every day he would remember why. 

Pilot screenplay by Stephen Clarke


4 hour mini-series - Crime Mystery

Swinging 60’s London’s Soho. Experienced by newcomer Tim Purdom on his journey as an innocent photographer to a celebrity porn film maker and his introduction into the world of spying, politics and prostitution that lead to the biggest scandal of that era.

Novel and original screenplay by Anthony Frewin


6 hour mini-series - War Drama

First world war “Dirty Dozen” from Ken Hyman producer of original movie following the exploits of a reluctant group of Scottish Highlanders off to Europe to fight for the honour of their clan.

Original screenplay by Stephen Clarke


8 hour mini-series. - 1930’s Spanish Civil War Drama

True life events around 3 women nurses, one American, one English and one Irish who join the International Brigade, fought against the fascists and were honoured for their service.

Novel by Angela Jackson


TV Movie - Drama

Six Veterans reunite to do battle against an enemy who has got far too close to their homes and is threatening their families.

Written by Roy Clarke


TV Movie - Sports Drama

Trish Eastward was married into the male dominated world of darts and been a good amateur player herself. Having been dumped by her husband, she decides to take the men on at their own game and go professional.

Written by Michael Gyngell